Why choose us

JapaNo.1oil® brand is synonymous with high Japanese quality and well-thought-out production technologies. Product line includes lubricants for almost all types of vehicles: motor oils for two- and four-stroke gasoline and diesel engines, fluids for mechanical and automatic transmissions, brake fluids, lubricants.

JPOIL GLOBAL TRADING Co. combines many years of development experience and an extensive science and technology base. Products of JapaNo.1oil® brand are not an addition to the engines, but an integral part of the motors.
Today JPOIL GLOBAL TRADING Co. develops and produces motor oils, special fluids for motor vehicles. Experts of the company continually improve production technology with care for the environment.

JPOIL GLOBAL TRADING Co. systematically maximizes product quality, correctly applies advanced production technologies and introduces innovative developments. The structure of the motor oil helps not only protect lubricated parts against damage and breakdowns, but also increase engine power.
Company does not accept use of multi-purpose oils. Therefore, the company’s specialists developed the entire range of automotive oils known today, which is expanding every year. Innovative technology that is used in the motor oils of JapaNo.1oil allows increasing engine life, oil change intervals.
JPOIL GLOBAL TRADING Co. implements the new technology in the interests of the end consumer. Improved performance of oils can reduce energy consumption for handling inside the engine, which provides fuel efficiency and faster engine starting. The exceptional oxidation stability of the oils preserves the performance of the oil throughout its entire life cycle.
The company has vast experience, a team of professionals and unlimited opportunities to implement the most complex ideas. The next generation motors are still only on paper in the form of drawings, but JPOIL GLOBAL TRADING Co. chemists are already creating lubricants for them.