In routine activity a motor vehicle is used year-round, in different climatic zones, in different weather conditions, which requires ultra-protection of the engine under any conditions. It took chemical engineer Yamato Matsuo more than three years to create the innovative solution. Having passed through a lot of trial and error, he realized how to make an ultra-strong oil film that would minimize friction and prevent wear of parts at most. He experimented with different engines and mechanisms, creating extreme conditions and operating modes. Indeed, the company has developed and successfully tested the innovative ProtectPlus technology that is used in the motor oils of JapaNo.1oil brand. The aim of the development was to increase protection of both light-duty and heavy-duty engines.

It is not just the number of cylinders that matters, but the fact that each type of engine has its own characteristics, its unique features. Each oil test is a great opportunity to take the next step in technology development. The first tests are carried out on a special single-cylinder motor - if tests are recognized as successful, then a large batch of motor oil is prepared for longer tests. They are carried out on a real engine, the motor at maximum load "runs" 10,000 kilometers. In short, it takes two to three and a half months to develop each type of motor oil.

JPOIL GLOBAL TRADING Co. implements the new technology in the interests of the end consumer. JapaNo.1oil® brand motor oils provide significant saving. The technology allows increasing engine life, oil change intervals, reducing oil consumption for topping up. Fuel and maintenance costs will also be reduced, not to mention engine protection in all temperature conditions. Improved performance of oils can reduce energy consumption for handling inside the engine, which provides fuel efficiency and faster engine starting. The exceptional oxidation stability of the oils preserves the performance of the oil throughout its entire life cycle.

JPOIL GLOBAL TRADING Co. adheres to the principles of improving the environmental friendliness of products and careful attitude to the resources of the planet. Therefore, the company annually invests more than $ 1 million to help reduce atmospheric emissions and significantly increase efficiency of its products.

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