Packing name: 1l metal
Packing bar code: 4560283350309
Packing name: 4l metal
Packing bar code: 4560283350170
Packing name: 60l metal
Packing name: 200l metal

Motor oil 0W-20 Japa№1 oil

  • Excellent oxidation stability through the use of high quality base oils.
  • Safe lubrication.
  • Even at high operating temperatures.
  • Excellent cold start properties.
  • High fuel economy (fuel economy).
  • Very high wear protection.
  • Use in petrol and diesel engines from different manufacturers.
Product description:

Synthetic motor oil is designed for four-stroke gasoline engines of light vehicles, minibuses and medium vans, manufacturers of which indicate low viscosity level. Improved performance characteristics contribute to increasing of engine efficiency and fuel economy. It meets modern ecological emission requirements. It can be used for engines working on bio fuel.