Compression even during heating is two times less, i.e. it increases stability of braking pedal. Water content increases viscosity at low temperatures and increases corrosion, corrodes paint and irritates skin.
Due to friction reduction and wear minimization Japa№1oil oils form a protective layer on engine parts and contain special additives preventing contact between moving surfaces and decrease resistance. It helps the engine to operate noiselessly and efficiently, as it was meant by its designers.
Replacement should be done under the operating manual for the light vehicle. In the past it was recommended to replace the lubricant after a certain mileage or time interval; nowadays the situation has changed, and some manufacturers recommend monitoring lubricants.
Oil filter should be replaced during every oil replacement.
Very often the manufacturer indicates his specifications or minimum requirements (API, ACEA, JASO, ILSAC).
If you have a canister from the previous oil or you know exactly what is filled in at present moment, you may try to choose oil on your own. It is not difficult. It is necessary to look at SAE viscosity class, degree of properties API and\or ACEA, list of specifications and approvals of equipment manufacturers given in the operating manual, lubrication chart on the label, oil manufacturer’s website.
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