Motors of the next generation are available on paper in the form of drawings and chemists of JPOIL GLOBAL TRADING Co. are already designing lubricants for them. Products of Japa№1oil® brand are not only a supplement to engines, but an integral part of motors. We offer a wide range of the highest quality products constantly expanding due to new products that are created taking into account market needs. We offer to build a profitable business with company JPOIL GLOBAL TRADING Co.


  • Motor oils
  • Transmission fluids and oils
  • Brake fluids
  • Special care products for cars

Cooperation conditions

  • Beneficial prices from the manufacturer
  • Worldwide delivery
  • Fast shipment of goods after ordering
  • Special conditions for large wholesale


Premium quality. Products for automobile transport are of stable high quality.

Professionalism. Our company has a team of professionals who create innovative products for cars. Our own department of innovations and a strong base allow us to develop and manufacture products of the highest quality.

Customer-oriented approach. We deeply understand and effectively meet the needs of our customers. Partners interests are of primary importance in the system of company’s management team’s priorities.

The best prices. Our cooperation is built on long-term and mutually beneficial basis. Thanks to unique formulation and technologies our prices are among the most competitive in the market and provide an opportunity for everyone to contribute to the promotion of products.

Permanent feedback. We are aware of the importance of timely notification of customers about new products, sales promotions and company services. For this reason, from the very beginning of cooperation every customer has his or her personal manager who is going to inform about all changes and answer all questions both during working hours and on weekends and holidays.

We are looking to cooperate with:

1. Dealers and trade organizations. The company offers you to cooperate as a Dealer of JPOIL GLOBAL TRADING Co in your region. Having become the dealer, you get an opportunity to purchase Japa№1oil products on dealer (most beneficial) conditions. In our turn, we provide advertising and information support.

2. Companies interested in wholesale supplies of high-quality Japanese lubricants. Having become a Partner of JPOIL GLOBAL TRADING Co, you get an opportunity to purchase Japa№1oil products on the most beneficial terms.

You may get more detailed information about cooperation conditions by contacting our company and filling in a feedback form.