Packing name: 1L plast
Packing bar code: 4560283400493
Packing name: 5L plast
Packing bar code: 4560283400509
Packing name: 10L plast
Packing bar code: 4560283400486


  • Effective Thermoregulation: Our antifreeze ensures stable engine temperature, preventing overheating in summer and freezing in winter.
  • Corrosion Protection: Specially formulated formula contains inhibitors that prevent corrosion and keep metal parts in perfect condition.
  • Maximum Service Life: Our antifreeze is known for its long operational properties, reducing replacement and maintenance costs for the cooling system.
  • Environmental Friendliness: We strive to protect the environment, so ANTIFREEZE CT12+ RED JAPA№1 OIL is safe and harmless to nature.
Product description:

Ensure the best protection for your automotive cooling system with the latest ANTIFREEZE CT12+ RED JAPA№1 OIL! Our product is a guaranteed way to keep your car in excellent condition throughout the year. Choose reliable ANTIFREEZE CT12+ RED JAPA№1 OIL antifreeze to protect your car from harsh weather and corrosion. With us, your car will always be in the best condition, and you will have peace of mind on the road. Discover the art of cooling with ANTIFREEZE CT12+ RED JAPA№1 OIL!