Packing name: 1l metal
Packing bar code: 4560283350286
Packing name: 4l metal
Packing bar code: 4560283350156
Packing name: 60L metal
Packing name: 200L metal

Motor oil 10W-30 Japa№1 oil

  • Ensures optimal engine protection against the formation of deposits.
  • Stability of indicators in a wide range of operating conditions.
Product description:

High efficient motor oil is used in four-stroke gasoline engines of light vehicles, minibuses and medium vans. It is developed specially for high-power and turbocharged diesel engines operating on high-sulphur fuel containing more than 0.5% sulphur. It contributes to increasing of engine life, significant reduction in fuel consumption and hazardous emissions. It ensures enlarged oil drain intervals in accordance with the requirements of vehicle manufacturers. It ensures stable indicators within a wide range of operating conditions.