Japa№1oil® brand

Japa№1oil® brand is synonymous with high Japanese quality and well-thought-out production technologies. Japa№1oil® are not just products for vehicles, but a special worldview that gives joy and pleasure. And, perhaps, the brand would have never reached the market presence that it has now, if not for the subsequent successful combination of circumstances and a series of correct decisions made by the head of JPOIL GLOBAL TRADING Co. Yamato Matsuo.
Japa№1oil® product line includes lubricants for almost all types of vehicles: motor oils for two- and four-stroke gasoline and diesel engines, fluids for mechanical and automatic transmissions, brake fluids, lubricants and flushing agents.

The main products of Japa№1oil® brand are motor oils for:

  • passenger motor vehicles
  • road freight transport
  • industrial applications
  • oils and lubricants

JPOIL GLOBAL TRADING Co. does not accept use of multi-purpose oils. Therefore, the company’s specialists developed the entire range of automotive oils known today, which is expanding every year.

Thanks to the performance of the unique ProtectPlus complex

  • oil molecules adhere to the surfaces of metal parts of the engine
  • cover all friction mechanisms with a permanent film
  • synthetic additives in oil increase wear resistance to temperature differences inside the engine

Japa№1oil® motor oils provide comprehensive protection for the engine of your vehicle, even under the most extreme operating conditions.

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